Value Add

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Domain Knowledge

As certified holistic health practitioners we have a understanding of consumer products; the ingredients and the impact on our body and the environment.

We have an innate passion for understanding how essential oils, foods and breathing techniques can help ease anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Having taught various workshops on nutrition, digestion and immunity we have a deep awareness of many aspects of physical health. 

Strategic Global Partners

Having lived and worked in many countries and forming networks across the globe, we can assist our investee companies to reach a wider market.

Access to resources in the US and India, networking partnerships across retail and hospitality, adoption and implementation of social media growth strategies, are some of the areas of assistance we can provide to our investee companies. 

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Shared Philosophy

We want to help grow companies that share our ideologies, because we live by these ourselves. 

We have personally seen how aligning with the universe; eating a clean diet, adapting our sleep patterns, incorporating exercise and meditation into our daily routine, have had meaningful impacts. 

We want to help these companies bring their products to the market because we want to create a healthy and sustainable future for all.

Subsidiary of 


We have the mentorship and guidance from the CEO. 

Czar capital invests in Venture, PE, Real Estate, Public Securities, etc.

It geographically targets investments in the US and India while following a value investing approach. 

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